Al Baba Sweets, Company - الشركة صيدا,   لبنان - Allbiz
    Al Baba Sweets, Company - الشركة صيدا,   لبنان - Allbiz
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    Al Baba Sweets, Company - الشركة صيدا,   لبنان - Allbiz

    Al Baba Sweets, Company, صيداالصانع

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    Al Baba Sweets, Company, صيدا
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    عنوان الشركة: صيدا,   لبنان
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    Al Baba Sweets is a family business that dates back to 1950. The business started with a 50m2 kitchen in Saida –Lebanon and flourished into 9 points of sale with more than five production lines in the Middle East. The showrooms have a unique and standardized aesthetic appearance, and are served through a 2000m2 factory in Lebanon and another 500m2 in Dubai. Two more satellite kitchens exist between Beirut and Abu Dhabi. Perspectives Throughout the years, Al Baba has witnessed several generations who have shared the same vision and consistently implemented and developed the standards of the business as recommended by the company's core values: food safety, quality, and mostly consistency. Description of concept Al Baba Sweets has five lines of production which include Oriental sweets, Gelati Baba, Dolce Baba, Cioccolata Baba, and AL Baba Jewels. Each line has it’s unique and broad assortment of sweets.
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